Cabin Crew Jobs in Dubai

Dubai Cabin Crew Jobs

Flydubai and Emirates both have their headquarters in Dubai and are currently recruiting cabin crew from around the world. Find out more about how to become cabin crew with them below.

Emirates Cabin Crew positions

Requirements for Emirates Cabin Crew
Below is a list of requirements for joining cabin crew with Emirates:

• At least 21 years of age at the time of joining
• Ability to reach 212 cm while standing on tip toes
• Minimum height of 160 cm
• High school graduate (grade 12)
• Fluency in both written and spoken English
• No visible tattoos while in Emirates Cabin Crew uniform
• Positive attitude
• Cultural awareness and the ability to adapt to new environments

Accommodation for Emirates Cabin Crew
Emirates provides all cabin crew with furnished, shared accommodation. Each cabin crew has their own bedroom in a contemporary apartment. All cabin crew accommodations have 24-hour security officers.

Recruitment process for becoming Emirates Cabin Crew
Assessment days for Emirates are conducted in many countries worldwide, including in Dubai. The requirement process begins with an initial assessment and English test if required. There is also a psychometric assessment as well as an individual competency based interview.

Assessment days for Emirates Cabin Crew
There are two types of assessment days for Emirates Cabin Crew. These days either consist of Open days or Invitation only days.

Open days: These are days where anyone can submit their CV to a member of the recruitment team from Emirates. After the CV drop off stage, successful candidates will be asked to attend the Emirates Cabin Crew screening and assessment process which occurs either on the same day or the following day. Final interviews are then scheduled during the same week.

Invitation only days: These days are by appointment only. To be considered, you must apply on-line and then the recruitment team will review your application. If shortlisted, you will receive an invitation with the date and location of your assessment day.
To find out more about recruitment for Emirates please click here.

Training for Emirates Cabin Crew
The seven-week training course for Emirates Cabin Crew takes place at the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai. Training covers the following:

• Safety and Emergency Procedure (SEP)
• First Aid
• Service
• Emirates Cabin Crew Image and Uniform
• Fitness and Nutrition
• Security Procedures

Flydubai Cabin Crew positions

Requirements for Flydubai Cabin Crew
Below is a list of requirements for joining cabin crew with Flydubai:

• At least 21 years of age at the time of joining
• 1 year experience in customer service or sales
• High school diploma
• Fluency in written and spoken English
• No visible tattoos or body piercings
• Minimum height 158cms without shoes

Accommodation for Flydubai Cabin Crew
A monthly housing allowance is provided for cabin crew of Flydubai.

Assessment days for Flydubai Cabin Crew
Those interested in working for Flydubai must complete an online form available here.

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