Camels in Dubai

Camels in Dubai overview

Camels have always been an important animal in Dubai. Their milk and meat was essential to the Bedouins, the nomadic Arabs of the desert. In the modern era, camel racing became a popular event to watch – drawing crowds from both the UAE and beyond. Also, camel trekking in the desert is now a major tourist attraction in Dubai that allows visitors to see traditional Dubai and the beauty of the desert.

Camel racing

There are several camel racing tracks located throughout Dubai. The biggest one is the Al Marmoum Racetrack, home to the Dubai Camel Racing Club. Races are held here from September – April.

Currently, camel racing is done with robot jockeys controlled by human operators following on the side of the racetrack in 4x4s. At top speeds camels can run between 30 kph/19 mph - 40 kph/25 mph.

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Camel trekking

Camel trekking in Dubai is a once in a lifetime experience that will transport you back in time. Several tour companies offer camel desert safaris, which offer a unique way to see the splendor of the desert. The tour usually begins with the camel trek through the desert to a campsite. Once at the campsite, you can enjoy a traditional BBQ dinner while you watch the stars appear over the desert. The campsite also offers various entertainment activities such as henna painting, belly dance shows and more.

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Camel milk

Camel milk is very nutritious. It contains many health benefits including the following:

• Low in fat
• High in vitamin C
• Contains unsaturated fatty acids
• Contains more calcium than other milks
• Is a natural probiotic
• Contains lanolin


Camelicious is a company that distributes camel milk and camel milk products. They have more than 4,000 camels producing the milk for their products. The company distributes the following types of products to the UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, United Kingdom, Austria and Malaysia:

• Camel milk
• Fresh laban
• Camelicious ghee
• Akawi, Nabulsi and white cheese
• Camelicious butter
• Camelicious ice cream
• Camelicious labneh

The Majlis

The Majlis is the first camel milk café in Dubai. The menu at this café is extensive featuring items like Camelccinos, Camellattes, camel milk ecalirs and camel milk ice cream. If you are chocolate lover, then be sure to try the Al Nassma chocolates, which are also made from camel milk.

You can find the Majlis cafes at the Dubai Mall and at the Jumeirah Grand Mosque.

Al Nassma chocolate

Al Nassma is the company that started making camel milk chocolate. They produce a variety of items like pralines, chocolate bars and camel hollow figures. Their chocolates make perfect souvenirs to bring home from Dubai for friends and family. You can purchase the chocolate throughout Dubai, including at the airport.

Camel meat

Camel meat is a specialty in Dubai. It is not available at every restaurant in Dubai but there are several places that are known for serving up camel meat dishes. If you want to experience camel meat in Dubai try one of these restaurants:

Switch is located at the Dubai Mall. At the restaurant you can sample cuisine like camel Bolognese—a creamy spaghetti tossed in creamy camel Bolognese sauce, or a camel slider featuring grilled camel meat.

Local House
The Local House is located in Al Bastakiya near the Al Fahidi roundabout. The restaurant claims they were the first to serve up a camel burger in Dubai. Their menu is full of camel meat items ranging from camel biryani to camel kebab.

The Camel Museum

At the Camel Museum you can learn everything you wanted to know about the animal. At the museum, you can find out why camels are such an important part of Arabian culture and about the history of camels in the region. The museum is located in the Al Shindagha area near the Dubai Creek.

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