Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo overview

Location: Located in the Dubai Mall
Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Aquarium tank

The 10 million-liter tank aquarium is one of the largest in the world. It is located on the ground level of the Dubai Mall, and contains thousands of aquatic animals, including rays and sand tiger sharks.

Aquarium tunnel

The aquarium contains a 48-meter/157-foot glass tunnel which is located 11 meters/36 feet under the surface. Walking through the tunnel is a one of a kind experience where you can marvel at the fish, sharks and stingrays overhead.

Underwater zoo

The underwater zoo is located on level two, which is above the aquarium tank. Here you can see many types of animals and creatures like: otters, piranhas, Humboldt penguins, African dwarf crocodiles, lionfish, spider crabs, seahorses, garden eels and archerfish.

Rocky Shore

This is the part of the zoo where you can see spider crabs, Humboldt penguins and many other creatures.


Here you will see freshwater animals like catfish, piranhas and otters.

King Croc

King croc is a saltwater crocodile that weighs over 750 kg/1,653 pounds and is over 5 meter/16 feet long. King croc lives in a special enclosure that replicates his nature environment with his companion, known as queen croc.

UAE's Night Creatures

This exhibition, which is 200 sq. meters/2,152 sq. feet, displays Arabian wildlife from the desert. This includes: fruit bats, camel spiders, scorpions, hedgehogs, geckos, barn owls, toads and gerbils.

Kraken’s Lair

Kraken’s Lair is home to octopus, squid, nautilus and cuttlefish. This area also has a replica of a giant squid in the exhibition.

Presentation and tours at the aquarium and zoo

Ray feeding: 10 a.m. daily
Shark feeding: 2 p.m. daily
King croc feeding: 4 p.m. daily

Animal presentations

Animal presentations vary. Ask staff for daily timings.

Glass bottom boat rides

Riding on a glass bottom boat on the surface of the Dubai aquarium’s 10 million-liter tank gives you the opportunity to see thousands of animals and creatures from a unique angle. Up to 10 people can ride on the boat. The boats depart on level 2 of the aquarium, and usually depart ever 10 to 20 minutes.

Dive experiences available at the aquarium

Cage snorkeling

This option allows visitors to go into the Dubai Aquarium’s 10 million-liter tank surrounded by a cage setting. Visitors wear snorkeling gear, which is provided. Up to four people can be in the cage at once, and the minimum age is 8 years old.

Shark dive

There are three daily shark dives. Certified divers can dive immediately upon presenting their dive certification to the Dubai Aquarium. Non-certified divers can take part in the dives after completion of a course with Al Boom Diving. All equipment is provided in the cost.

Shark walker

The shark walker experience allows visitors to enter the Dubai Aquarium’s tank in a cage with a glass floor. The upper part of the cage has no glass, which allows smaller fish to freely swim in and out of the cage. Visitors wear helmets allowing them to breathe underwater.

Available between: 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Discover scuba dive

The Dubai Aquarium offers a two-day scuba diving course for beginners. Once completed participants earn their PADI scuba diving certificate. The course is independent study, and also offers the opportunity to dive in the Dubai aquarium’s 10 million-liter tank with supervision from professional PADI divers.

Specialty dive

PADI certified divers can take part of 3 specialty dives at the Dubai Aquarium. Divers must be 10 years of age, and equipment is provided.
Dive 1: Dive in the Dubai Aquarium and swim with the sharks, rays and fishes.

Dive 2: Learn underwater photography tips and take photos in the Dubai Aquarium. Also learn about shark conservation identification.

Dive 3: Experience shark feeding time, and take photos from the diving cage.

For bookings call 04-342-2993 or email

Ticket information

Researcher Experience: 100 AED/27 USD
New Meet & Greet Area
Aquarium Tunnel
Underwater Zoo
Behind the Scenes tour
Underwater Observatory

Explorer Experience: 120 AED/32 USD
New Meet & Greet Area
Aquarium Tunnel
Underwater Zoo
Submersible Simulator
Big Screen Theatre
Aquarium Glass Bottom Boat

Otter Encounter: 200 AED/54 USD
Aquarium Tunnel
Underwater Zoo
Otter Meet & Greet Experience

Ray Encounter: 200 AED/54 USD
Aquarium Tunnel
Underwater Zoo
Ray Feeding

King Croc Encounter: 200 AED/54 USD
Aquarium Tunnel
Underwater Zoo
Crocs Tour & Bird Feeding

VIP Line Buster Package: 250 AED/68 USD
Aquarium Tunnel
Underwater Zoo
Back of house tour
Underwater Observatory
Submersible Simulator
Glass Bottom Boat
Fish Feeding

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