Dubai Gold

Dubai: The City of Gold

Dubai gold is of very pure quality. This is ensured by The Dubai Central Laboratories Department which enforces regulatory measures through a certification scheme called ‘Bareeq.” There are many different styles of gold jewelry ranging from Arabic to Western. The prices of gold in Dubai are also competitive, making it the best place to pick up a fine piece of gold jewelry. There are hundreds of jewelry stores across Dubai selling beautiful gold jewelry and coins.

Gold explained

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai displays the gold rate outside of gold trading stations. These signs help to ensure that the prices are fair and transparent. If you are in Dubai, you can see these signs posted at places like the Gold Souk. If you are not in Dubai but would like to know the prices of gold per gram then click here.

Gold karats

Gold is measured in karats. The karats measure the purity of the gold.

24K = pure gold

22K = alloy with 22 parts pure gold and 2 parts other metals

21K = alloy with 21 parts pure gold and 3 parts other metals

18K = alloy with 18 parts pure gold and 6 parts other metals

Gold color

Yellow gold = A pure yellow gold that contains copper and zinc.

White gold = Gold plated with rhodium and contains white metals like nickel, palladium or manganese.

Rose gold = This gold is made up of gold and copper alloys. Rose gold is also referred to as pink gold.

Gold jewelry

The price of jewelry depends on two factors: gold price and labor charges. The gold price is determined by the price of gold that is used to make the item. The labor charge is the amount that the retailer charges for the hours required to make the item.

Shopping for gold

Where to shop for gold 

Gold Souk: The Gold Souk is located in Deira on Khalid Bin Waleed Road. Here you will find many shops selling gold, gemstones, coins and costume jewelry. There are over 400 shops to look for your items in this souk.

Gold and Diamond Park: The Gold and Diamond Park is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and is home to many different retailers selling gold pieces and other stunning jewelry at competitive prices. There are 90 jewelry retailers here offering unique designs.

How to shop for gold 

Be prepared to haggle for your gold. Be aware that only the labor charge of the price can be negotiated. If you bring cash with you, you usually will get your item for a cheaper price as well.

When you buy gold, ask to see the gold purity hallmark. All retailers are required to carry it.

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