Dubai Health Insurance

Compulsory health insurance for UAE nationals and expatriates in Dubai

By law, it is required that all UAE nationals and residents with a Dubai visa must have compulsory health insurance cover. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum established the compulsory health insurance coverage law so that everyone living in Dubai would have access to treatments they needed and all their basic healthcare needs met.

UAE Nationals health insurance coverage

UAE Nationals living in Dubai can enroll for the Nationals health insurance program called SAADA, which is funded by the Dubai Government.

Nationals working in the private sector can chose to join their employer’s insurance policy or join the Nationals SAADA program.

To find out more about SAADA click here.

Expatriates in Dubai health insurance coverage

Any Dubai registered employer is required to provide employed expatriates with health insurance coverage. The minimum coverage is called the Essential Benefits Plan which provides the minimum level of coverage that all employees must have. This law was established by the Dubai Health Authority. Sponsors also must provide health insurance for spouses, dependents and domestic workers.

The Essential Benefit Plan covers visits to clinics as well as referrals to specialists. It also covers surgical and pathology related investigations, emergency services, surgeries required as well as maternity health cover.
If employers fail to provide the minimum Essential Benefits Plan to their employees, they are subject to a fine.

To find out more about the Essential Benefits Plan click here.

Fines for not complying with the compulsory health insurance policy

A penalty of 500 AED per employee will be issued to any non-compliant company or sponsor.

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