Dubai Jobs

Working in Dubai

Working in Dubai has many benefits for expatriates. Dubai is a multicultural city with endless amounts of things to do. Its sunny climate and beautiful beaches make it a beautiful place to call home. Many employers offer incentives to employees in their salary package, like a round trip ticket to their home country. The working days of Dubai are Sunday-Thursday, with Friday and Saturday being the weekend.

Dubai Jobs

All non-UAE employees must have sponsors for their work and residency visa. In order to work, expatriates must have a residency visa. These sponsors could be companies or individuals that usually will provide employment.

Benefits of working and living in Dubai

  • Financial: Dubai offers tax free salaries, and usually lucrative salary packages
  • Travel: Dubai is the hub of the Middle East with Dubai International Airport offering thousands of flights per week to destinations across the globe
  • International experience: Living in Dubai will give you international experience working with different nationalities from all over the world
  • Safe: Dubai is a safe country with a low amount of crime
  • Climate: The majority of days are sunny, and warm making it easy to enjoy outdoor activities all year round
  • Tolerant: Dubai is a tolerant Islamic country where East meets West. The laid back lifestyle is something that attracts expatriates from all over the world.

Working In Dubai

How to get your residency visa

  1. First your employer will need to provide you with a written job offer. They will usually begin the employment visa for you. Once they submit the application to sponsor you in Dubai and it is processed, the United Arab Emirates immigration department will contact you.
  1. After this you will need to have a medical examination done to rule out HIV, hepatitis C or tuberculosis. After this you submit your medical records, two passport-sized photos, photocopies of your passport, written job offer and employment visa application to the Dubai Health Authority in order to get your mandatory health card.
  1. Next, you must submit the necessary documents to the Dubai’s Ministry of Labor office to obtain a labor card. You will need to submit a passport-sized photo, three copies of your employment contract, photocopiers of your entry visa, medical records and employer’s labor license.
  1. Finally, you will apply for a residence visa from the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. You can fill out the residence application online. Again, you will need to submit two passport-size photos, photocopies of your labor card, entry permit, health certificate, and original passport.

Hotel jobs in Dubai

Dubai has ranked 5th on a list of cities with the most hotels under construction. With its rise as a travel destination, bringing in millions of tourist per year, the demand is high for hotel employees.

Hotel Jobs

Dubai is shifting from relying on oil for its revenue and has plenty of up and coming projects on the way—including Expo 2020. Currently, the city has many new hotels under construction.

Hotels under construction in Dubai

  • Palazzo Versace Dubai
  • Layia Orchid Hotel
  • Layia Hotel, Al Qusais
  • Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers
  • Habtoor Island Resort
  • Burjside Boulevard Hotel Apartment

Types of hotel jobs in Dubai

Jobs within Dubai hotels vary, offering many positions suitable for a wide range of potential employees.

The following are the fields and positions hotels generally recruit people for in Dubai:

  • Chefs
  • Engineers
  • Finance
  • Front office
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hotel Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Leisure
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Security

Where to look for hotel jobs in Dubai

The following sites provide information on current vacancies in Dubai hotels:

Cater Global

Jumeirah hotel job vacancies

How to look for a job in Dubai

Looking for jobs in Dubai can be done in several different ways. Here are a few ways you can start looking for jobs in Dubai:

  • Register on job portals and with recruitment agencies
  • Look at the classifieds on places like
  • Search directly on company’s job portal
  • Visit job fairs
  • Attend walk in interviews

If you are seeking employment in Dubai, it would be a good idea to upload your CV to job sites like Jobs in Dubai. Here you can register and apply for jobs online. First you have to register, and then you can upload your CV and apply for jobs in your field.  This site is free to use.

You can also use the site Gulf Talent which allows you to get job alerts via email. The site is easy to navigate and allows you to filter your search for jobs within your field.

Other useful sites include LinkedIn, Monster and Indeed.

 Tips for getting a job in Dubai

  • Apply for jobs that match your qualifications and experience
  • Tailor each application including a customized cover letter
  • Network and use personal references whenever you can
  • Follow-up on any leads you have
  • Be prepared for your interview ahead of time, including any questions you have for the employer

Tips for traveling to Dubai to look for jobs

  • Make sure to take out a long enough visit visa, ideally 3 months
  • Budget money accordingly for your visit (food, stay, travel, printing)
  • Arrange a place to stay before you arrive
  • Bring the necessary documents with you like CV, school transcripts, letters of reference
  • Go walk in interviews whenever you can. You can look for these on site like, Gulf News and Indeed
  • If you are in a design or creative field, be sure to bring your portfolio with you as well
  • Make sure you have a phone number where employers can reach you

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