Dubai Police

Dubai Police overview

The Dubai Police force was founded in 1956 with just 29 members. As Dubai grew, so did the police force. Today Dubai Police has over 17,000 police officers trained with high educational standards.

The Dubai Police were the first Arab police force to use DNA testing for criminal investigations. They were also the first to use electronic finger printing, electronic services as well as GPS systems to locate police patrols through satellite.

There are many departments within the Dubai Police force with the main ones being the department of operations, the department of e-services and the department of criminal investigation.

Dubai Police officer outfit, equipment, gear and cars

Standard officers of the Dubai police wear shirts with a red band, a beret, trousers and black boots. Women wear a headscarf. The color of the shirt and trousers is either olive green or light brown. Higher ranking officers wear a light brown uniform with a combination cap. They also wear rank badges on their collar.

Officers carry semi-automatic handguns. SWAT teams have different weapons including rifles, tasers, pistols and sub-machine guns.

Police cars are generally in the make of Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda and Nissan. There are also many luxury vehicles used by the Dubai Police including a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari FF, Aston Martin One-77 and more. Police cars are white and dark green.

Good Conduct Certificate

A Good Conduct Certificate is also referred to as a police clearance. For information on obtaining a Good Conduct Certificate through the Dubai Police click here.

Traffic fine information

The Dubai Police include comprehensive information about traffic fines on their website. Click here for information on fines from the Dubai Police. Click here for information on FAQ’S about fines from the Dubai Police.

Police stations in Dubai

• Al-Rifaa
• Al-Muraqqabat
• Al-Rashidiyah
• Naif
• Al-Qusais
• Hatta
• Nad Al-Sheba
• Jebel Ali
• Ports
• Bur Dubai
• Al-Barsha

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