Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival overview

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is a month-long retail event. Each year 3 million people visit the festival.

The festival began in 1996. That year Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum created the shopping festival to attract visitors from around the world to Dubai. The first year of the festival was a success bringing in over 1.6 million visitors. Since then the shopping festival has grown massively with many retailers taking part in it as well as many partners supporting the festival. 2017 will mark the 22nd anniversary of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

During the festival stores across Dubai offer discounts on their products and services. Everything you can imagine has a steep discounted price during the Dubai Shopping Festival: electronics, household items, cars, luxury fashion, jewelry and so much more. But, the Dubai Shopping Festival is not just about shopping. The festival includes many other activities such as fashion flash mobs, live raffle drawings, firework displays, film screening and cultural programs.

When is the Dubai Shopping Festival?

The Dubai Shopping Festival lasts for one month. The start date of the festival changes yearly so be sure to check out the Visit Dubai official website for complete details.

Where does the Dubai Shopping Festival take place?

The Dubai Shopping Festival takes place across Dubai. Malls in Dubai take part in the festival as well as the souks. Many restaurants and hotels also offer discounts during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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