Dubai Taxi

Dubai Taxi overview

Taxis are one of the most convenient ways to travel around Dubai. The government regulated taxis are called Dubai Taxi and relatively inexpensive with the minimum fare being 10 AED. There are also several other private taxi companies in Dubai as well. Dubai Taxi currently has 8,746 men and women drivers working 24 hours a day. Drivers for Dubai Taxi come from over 37 different countries.

How to book a taxi

Dubai Taxi can be booked either by hailing one from the road, calling the dispatch center or sending an email to

Dubai Taxi Numbers

Dubai Taxi – 04 2080808
Metro Taxi – 600 566000
National Taxi – 600 543322
Arabia Taxi – 800 272242
Cars Taxi – 800 227789

Dubai Taxi fare calculator

To find a fare estimate for your taxi journey in Dubai click here.

Dubai Taxi lost & found

To report a lost item you can call 800 90 90 to speak to a RTA service agent.

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