Dubailand overview

Dubailand is an entertainment complex currently in development in Dubai. The project, which began in 2003, was put on hold due to the financial crisis that began in 2007. Work on Dubailand was resumed in mid-2013 and is expected to be completed before Expo 2020.

Dubailand will include 45 mega projects. The complex is expected to be twice the size of Disneyland and will include six different worlds which are: Downtown, Retail and Entertainment World, Leisure and Vacation World, Eco-Tourism World, Sports and Outdoor World, and Attractions and Experience World.

Attractions and Experience World

This world will be home to theme parks, water parks and more. Projects here will include the Great Dubai Wheel, Dubailand Theme Park, The Global Village and other exhilarating attractions.

Sports and Outdoor World

As the name suggest, this world will contain projects related to sports such as the Dubai Autodrome, Dubai Sports City and Extreme Sports World.

Eco-Tourism World

The Eco-Tourism World will feature nature and desert themed attractions. The projects in this world include the Dubai Heritage Village, Life World, Pet Land, Safari Park and more.

Leisure and Vacation World

This world will be the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Projects here will include the Andalusian Resort & Spa, The Indian Theme Resort, The Silver Street Resort and other spa and health centers.

Downtown, Retail & Entertainment World

This area of Dubailand will include restaurants, shopping complexes and entertainment centers. Projects here will include the Dubai Bazaar, Dubai Outlet City, Restaurant Complex, Teen World, Virtual Games World and City of Arabia.

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