Living in Dubai

Apartments in Dubai

Apartments are plentiful in Dubai and you are sure to find one that suits all your needs. There are many different areas where you can rent apartments to live in Dubai. The proximity to the beach or downtown will increase the rent significantly, so this should be something you consider before renting. The Dubai Marina is a popular place to live in Dubai, as it has proximity to the beach and downtown destinations. But, the rental price for this considerably higher than other areas in Dubai. Rent for this area averages around 7,000 AED/1905 USD and can reach up to 22,000 AED/5990 USD per month. Whereas studio apartments outside of downtown Dubai on average are between 4,000 AED/1089 USD to 6,500 AED/1769 USD. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is 7654 AED/2,084 USD.

There are plenty of great websites to help you find an apartment for living in Dubai:

Here are two sites you can look at: Spot a Home and Dubizzle residential

Besides searching online, you can also consider hiring a real estate agent to help you find your dream apartment.

Be aware that a security deposit and a certain amount of rent paid up front will be required when renting an apartment in Dubai. Utilities are typically not included in the rental fee so make sure to budget accordingly.

Dubai Villas

Living in a villa is a wonderful choice if you plan on staying in Dubai for the long term. Villas come in various sizes and styles. Finding your dream villa may take a bit of searching, but the right option is out there waiting for you! Villas can range from older to newer styles. Most people in Dubai end up buying their villas, but renting is an option available sometimes as well.

Living in a villa does require maintenance work, so this is something that you must think about before deciding on buying one.

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