Dubai Launches Innovative Jetpack Firefighting System

Dubai launches innovative jetpack firefighting system


A video released by the Dubai Civil Defense department shows firefighting like never seen before. The firefighter rises above a bridge on a jetpack powered by a jet ski and sprays water on a small truck that is set to look ablaze.

This advancement is just another reason Dubai is on the forefront of technological innovation in the world. The system is called Dolphin and will help firefighters to tackle blazes even when there is heavy traffic on the roads. This system will be of great assistance to any fires that occur on shoreline buildings, bridges, and boats.

Firefighters using the jetpacks can rise up to 3,000 feet above water. The jetpacks are powered through water pressure from an attached jet ski. Lt. Col Ali Al Mutawa, who is the head of operations at the Dubai Civil Defense office said that floating fire stations might soon be constructed on the Dubai Canal.

See the video of the Dolphin firefighting system below:

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