Jobless? Eat at This Dubai Restaurant for Free

Dubai restaurant offers free meals to jobseekers 

The Nom Nom Asia restaurant located in Karama and Al Barsha offers free meals to jobless people in Dubai. Jobseekers can get a free meal or choose to pay for it once they find a job.  Any day of the week job seekers can get a combination lunch for free. They can choose from a main dish plus noodles or rice.

Vivek Balaney, co-owner of the restaurant, came up with the idea for a free lunch. Sanjay Mohan, Baleny’s business partner said, “These things are done from our heart. They are not meant for telling people and getting any mileage out of it. The sheer joy of being human can be enjoyed by giving, this is my belief.”

Many jobseekers return to Nom Nom Asia restaurant after some time with good news. Vijay Kumar, manager of Nom Nom’s Karama branch said, “a lot of people have come back and paid also after getting jobs. We feel very nice when they come back and tell us they’ve got a job, it’s very heart warming.”

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