Dubai Camels Pictures

Dubai Camels Pictures (Images)

Camels play an important role in Dubai life. The fact that Dubai is a city that is set in the desert, their roots were based on the early Bedouin culture. Bedouin people were the ethnic groups or nomads that first inhabited the Arabian and Syrian deserts a long time ago and for them camels are a “gift from God” because it provides them food (meat and dairy), transportation, and wool for clothing.

Nowadays, Dubai’s desert is considered as one of the main attractions for tourists because it is where people can experience riding camels and watch camel races. Dubai’s biggest camel racing track is located in Al Marmoum Camel Racetrack, it is also the home of Dubai Camel Racing Club.

In some Dubai eateries, camel meat is being offered on their menu and one of them is the Local House in Al Fahidi District. They were the first to serve camel burgers in the UAE. You will also find some camel milk and chocolates with camel milk in some specialty shops.

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