Dubai Food Pictures

Dubai Food Images

Dubai offers the best dining destinations in the world with its incomparable multicultural cuisine to cater different tastes. The authentic Emirati cuisine is a mix of Middle Eastern and Asian influences, it is a reflection of the rich Arabian heritage and exposure to different civilizations over the course of time. Menu normally consists of meat, grains, dairy, and vegetables. Popular dishes include – Harees, Margooga, Mishwy, Maq'louba, Machbous, and Jisheid to name a few.

Home-cooked meals usually requires one-pot cooking like stews with the addition of spices to enhance the flavor of dishes. Saffron, cardamom, turmeric, and thyme are the main flavors used in Emirati cuisine. Seafood is also a staple food in Dubai as well as mutton and lamb.

Emirati breakfast often features breads served with cheese, date syrup, or eggs. While, desserts include Luqeymat and Khabeesa. Common beverage options are coffee and tea. Towards the end of the meal red tea infused with mint is usually served to aid in digestion.

At the close of the meal, it is usual to be served with a red tea infused with mint, which aids the digestion. Other traditions to the meal include a welcome with dates and gahwah (Arabic coffee), which are offered on arrival and are kept available through the guests visit.

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