Dubai Mall’s Food Court Pictures

Dubai Mall's Food Court Images

Dubai Mall's Food Court is the largest food court in the city of Dubai. It consists of more than 40 restaurants and has 3000 seating capacity including the outdoor terraces. The food court aims to provide the mall shoppers with budget friendly restaurants in a trendy environment.

At Dubai Mall's Food Court, you’ll get the opportunity to treat your senses to various dishes from different international cuisines including Arabic, Italian, Turkish, Lebanese, French, Greek, American, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. There are also the famous restaurants such as Texas Chicken, Fatburger, KFC, McDonald’s, London Fish And Chips, Just Falafel, Burger King, Palace Express, Steak 'n Shake, Subway, Panda Chinese and many others.

The Dubai Mall's Food Court is open daily, the management believes that dining is an integral part of the shopper’s experience when visiting the mall that is why they provided a wide array of restaurant options for convenience and enjoyable shopping experience.

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