Dubai People Pictures

Dubai People Images

Dubai’s culture is based on Islamic traditions that is why it is very important to know their culture and also respect it when you are traveling from a different country. Emiratis normally wears their traditional clothes. Men uses khandura or dishdasha with ghutra and agal. While, women wears abaya or a long black cloak which is worn over conservative clothing and also comes with sheyla or hijab (a cloth used to cover the face and the head).

Emiratis are very protective when it comes to their culture and traditions, so flaunting of Westernized habits should be avoided as to give respect to the host. Emirati people are known for their warm hospitality and generosity.

Tourists are advised to dress suitably when in public places especially when going to historical places. Dress or pants should be worn to cover below the knee. On the other hand, people can wear anything they like when they are inside the hotel, a bar, or club. While, appropriate swim wear is allowed in swimming pool or beach.

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