Schools in Dubai

Schools in Dubai overview

Private schools in Dubai are plentiful. The schools offer different curriculum including British, American, International and Indian. The school year in Dubai typically runs from September until June with the school week being from Sunday to Thursday. Fees for school vary by age group. If you are interested in a particular school, inquire with them about tuition fees as well as additional fees such as uniforms, transport and registration.

When enrolling a child in a school in Dubai the following documents will be required:

• Birth certificate and passport copies
• Passport photos
• Transport certificate from current school
• Most recent report cards
• Medical history

Popular British, American and International schools

• Al Mizhar American Academy – American Curriculum
• Cambridge International School – British Curriculum
• Deira International School – British Curriculum
• Dubai American Academy – American Curriculum
• Dubai British School – British Curriculum
• Dubai College – British Curriculum
• Dubai English Speaking College – British Curriculum
• Dubai English Speaking School – British Curriculum
• Dubai International Academy – International Baccalaureate
• Dubai National School – American Curriculum
• Dubai Scholars Private School – British Curriculum
• Emirates International School – British, International Baccalaureate
• GEMS Jumeirah Primary School – British Curriculum
• GEMS Royal School Dubai – British Curriculum
• GEMS Wellington Academy – British Curriculum
• GEMS Wellington International School – British Curriculum, International Baccalaureate
• Greenfield Community School – International Baccalaureate
• Horizon School – British Curriculum
• Jebel Ali Primary School – British Curriculum
• Jumeirah Baccalaureate School – International Baccalaureate
• Jumeirah College – British Curriculum
• Jumeirah English Speaking School – British Curriculum
• Jumeirah English Speaking School – British, International Baccalaureate
• Kings’ Dubai – British Curriculum
• Nibras International School – American Curriculum
• Raffles International School – British Curriculum
• Regent International School – British Curriculum
• Repton School Dubai – British, International Baccalaureate
• St. Mary’s Catholic High School – British Curriculum
• Star International School – British Curriculum
• Swiss International Scientific School – International Baccalaureate
• The English College – British Curriculum
• The Sheffield Private School – British Curriculum

List of schools in Dubai

• American Academy in Al-Mizhar
• American School of Dubai
• Arab Unity School
• Arcadia Preparatory School, Dubai, UAE
• Buds Public School, Dubai
• Cambridge International School, Dubai
• Delhi Private School, Dubai
• Dubai American Academy
• Dubai British School
• Dubai College
• Dubai English Speaking College
• Dubai Gem Private School & Nursery
• Dubai International Academy
• Dubai International School
• Dubai Japanese School
• Dubai Modern High School
• Dubai National School, Al Barsha
• Dubai National School, Al Twar
• Dubai Scholars Private School
• Emirates International School – Jumeirah
• English College Dubai
• English Language School, Dubai
• GEMS Winchester School, Dubai
• GEMS Wellington International School
• GEMS World Academy
• Greenfield Community School
• Greenwood International School
• Gulf Indian High School
• Hartland International School
• The Indian High School, Dubai
• JSS Private School
• Jumeira Baccalaureate School
• Jumeirah College
• Jumeirah English Speaking School
• Latifa School for Girls
• New Indian Model School
• Nord Anglia International School Dubai
• Our Own High School
• Pakistan Education Academy
• The Philippine School, Dubai
• Raffles International School – South Campus
• Rashid School For Boys
• Repton School Dubai
• St. Mary's Catholic High School, Dubai, UAE
• Swiss International Scientific School, Dubai, UAE
• Westminster School, Dubai

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