Skydive Dubai

Skydive Dubai overview

Skydive Dubai was launched by H.E. Nasser Al Neyadi. The company is based out of Dubai and has two skydiving locations there. The Palm Drop Zone features tandem skydives, coaching for experienced skydivers and more. The Desert Campus Drop Zone offers jumps for solo skydivers, First Jump Courses through the Accelerated Free Fall.

Skydive Dubai also offers a flight school that has classes in formation skydiving, freefly, canopy and wingsuit coaching.

Skydive Dubai tandem jumps

Tandem skydive jumps are perfect for first time skydivers. A tandem jump requires no previous skydiving experience.

Upon arriving to Skydive Dubai you will need to fill out waiver forms. Next you will join a tandem instructor who will explain the process of the skydive as well as safety instructions. Then you will board the plane and before reaching the exit altitude (13,000 feet) you will be harnessed to your tandem instructor. From there, all you have to do is jump and smile for the camera of course!

To find out more about tandem jumps at Skydive Dubai click here.

Skydive Dubai school

More experienced skydivers wishing to take their jumps to the next level can sign up for school at Skydive Dubai. The school offers theory class and 8 skydives to those wishing to skydive solo. The class is taught at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus, which is the world’s largest skydiving school.

Skydive Dubai also offers training in canopy piloting, instruction ratings courses and more. To learn more about the school at Skydive Dubai click here.

Skydive Dubai cost

To find out more about costs at Skydive Dubai click here.

Skydive Dubai video

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